National EMS Museum Executives

Richard Clinchy,  President

Mike Williams, Vice President

Tom Scott, Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Jeanne O’Brien, Secretary

National EMS Museum Board of Directors

Bryan Bledsoe

Fred Claridge

Cliff Cloonan

Ilan M. Goodman

Brian Hartley, Executive Committee

Kris Kaull, Executive Committee

Beth Ann Krah

Merry J. McSwain, Executive Committee

Paul Roman

John Scullin

Cherrie Scheinberg

Jim Slattery

Todd Soard

R. Keith Wages

Stephen R. Wirth, Executive Committee

National EMS Museum Ex-Officio Directors

Mark Escott, MD  EMS Section Cheif ACEP

Bryan F. Ericson  Chair, NAEMSE

Dr. J. Brent Myers  President, NAEMSP

Sean Britton, Member at Large, NAEMT

Kyle Thornton, President, NAEMSO

National EMS Museum Ambassadors

Dr. David Boyd

Mel L. Globerman

Dr. James P. Martin

Rocco Morando

Tarry Pribble

Dr. Keith Wesley

National EMS Museum Staff

Kristy Van Hoven, Museum Director

Message for Board of Directors of NEMSM

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