National EMS Museum Memorial

  • The National EMS Museum Honors those who have passed on

The National EMS Museum Memorial is organized by years, each tab represents one year and they are grouped in 20 year increments. You can view each year by clicking on the year and scrolling the page.

Links to obituaries or press releases are provided if possible.

Azzedin Ahmed (NY)

Eric Braun (NJ)

Pamela Cooper (AZ)

Paige Humphries (NY)

Paul Cline (NM)

Cpt. Ceneca E. Lindo (US VI)

Gordon Baker (TX)

Alan Basso (WA)

Idris Bey (NY)

Billy Birmingham (MO)

James Bloss (MI)

Harold Boone (GA)

John Careccia (NJ)

Paul Cary (CO)

Jason Cortez (CA)

Asante Contreras (TX)

Robert Cree (IN)

Jason Cuffee (WV)

Dylan Cunningham (IL)

Rachel L. Cunningham (OH)

Jonathan “Thunder” Damon (NY)

Jeremy Emerich (PA)

Michael Field (NY)

Jake John Francis Feeney IV (MA)

Christina Gardini (NY)

Scott Gordon (ID)

Bradley J. Haynes (OH)

Moshe Herzog (NY)

Gregory Hodge (NY)

Rachel Hodge (GA)

Aldo Iniguez (CA)

Eldon Jamison (NC)

Diane Jones (TX)

Gerald “Jerry” Jones (FL)

Matthew Keene (NY)

Bob Kneifl (NE)

Christine Kutz (CT)

Don Kutz (CT)

Melissa Lamesch (IL)

Kevin Leiva (NJ)

Michael Mack (CO)

Sal Mancuso (NY)

Karl Meek (MN)

David Mimm (AL)

John Mondello (NY)

Richard Montgomery (NC)

Eddie Nicholson (WI)

Gerardo “Jerry” Pacheco (TX)

Jose M. Perez (CA)

Lynn Raether (WI)

Alexander Raso (NY)

John Redd (NY)

Robert David Reisinger (IL)

Debbie Rusher (OK)

Liana Sá (NJ)

Don Shambo (PA)

David Schneebalg (NY)

Steven Sunday (PA)

Breonna Taylor (KY)

Rick Todd (WV)

Israel Tolentino (NY)

Jennifer L. Topper (OH)

Robert Truevillian (IL)

Mike Wilder (WY)

Charles “Dog” C. Woods (VA)

Jason Wurster (WV)

Liliya Zagariya (WA)

Patrick W. Evans (MA)

Jennifer Hasselbein (MS)

Lou Jordan (MD) * ‡

Michael G. Smith (IA)


Keith Fairben (NY)


Mohammad Salman Hamdani (NY)


Yamel Merino (NY)


Richard Pearlman (NY)


Mario Santoro (NY)


Mark Schwartz (NY)


Jeff Simpson (VA)


Marc Sullins (NY)

This memorial is created to honor those who have come before us or served along side us. Our EMS family is large and diverse and we wish to honor all those who have served  our profession, helped us grow, and trained us to be the best providers we can be.  You are in our hearts now and always.

The National EMS Museum Memorial will continue to grow as we learn of those who have passed on. If we missed a loved one or colleague, please accept our sincerest condolences and our deepest apologies, and we invite you to submit their information for our memorial.

Please message our office at with their name and service location, if possible please include a picture and a press release or obituary that we can also include in our archives.

* The National EMS Museum thanks those who donated in honor of this individual

‡ This individual served as a volunteer or board member at the National EMS Museum