From Battlefield Medicine to Civilian EMS

A Look into Military Innovations that Shaped Pre-hospital Care

Our brothers and sisters in arms have made significant contributions to pre-hospital care since the dawn of civilization. From transportation of the wounded in ancient battles to driving ambulances through heavy fire and across unknown terrain, and innovations in evacuation to instantaneous care on the frontline, medics are a crucial part of military success the world over.

Battlefield Medicine to Civilian EMS looks at the influence military medicine has had on civilian pre-hospital care since the Napoleonic Era (c.1800), which generally marks the start of “modern” military medicine in ways we would recognize today and continues on a journey through major US conflicts over the past 150 years focusing on some of the most influential innovations that have crossed over to civilian EMS.

As with each generation of soldiers, once one retires or discharges from military life – a new life in the civilian world waits. Many military medics continue on in civilian medicine, through service in emergency squads, hospitals, and clinics, and in so doing bring their military training with them creating a unique bond between battlefield medicine and civilian medical services.