Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands!

A Look Back at Pandemics that Shaped US Emergency Response

Epidemics and wide-spread pandemics have been a part of society since ancient times. With documented outbreaks from Ancient Rome, Egypt, China and India as well as oral traditions of illness among native populations across the world, diseases have taken their toll on society while humans have risen to the challenge to learn and conquer each microscopic enemy that has crossed our collective path.

This exhibit welcomes you to explore some of the most influential pandemics that have helped shaped human response and continue to influence the way policies and procedures are developed with each new outbreak. Just as we have done with previous pandemics, we will use the knowledge gleamed from those that came before us to help fight COVID-19 today.  We hope you enjoy Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands!

*Please seek medical advise from your physician in regards to your personal health and the health of your loved ones. This exhibition is intended to share the history and response lessons learned from historical pandemics and outbreaks and is not intended to be used as a reliable medical diagnostic tool.