In 2019 a new Coronavirus was identified and quickly started to spread across the world.  We are in the midst of a pandemic and want to hear how you, your family and your community are coping with the changes brought on by COVID-19 and your hopes for the future.

Please share your story with the National EMS Museum by completing this form which will become part of the National EMS Museum COVID-19 Collection.   We also welcome any donations of pictures, media and objects you may have relating to the current pandemic. You can coordinate a donation by calling our offices at 612.298.4567.

This will help us collect multi generational stories, please consider letting us know what town you were born in as well.
Some communities have worked together to provide response efforts or provide shelter and food. Others have followed strict guidelines. Did your community take on a special project?
If you would like to donate COVID -19 related artifacts or media please contact the National EMS Museum at 612.298.4567 or