National EMS Museum on Tour

Each year the National EMS Museum tours the country with exhibitions that engage the public with the emergency medical services and the legacy of first responders.

Touring exhibitions bring National EMS Museum collections out of the vaults to be enjoyed by visitors near and far.

To book an exhibition for your institution or event please call us at 612-298-4567 or email

The Art of Emergency Care

See how pictures, art and cartoons have shaped EMS and helps us learn, engage and heal.

Central Ohio Fire Museum, Columbus, OH

February 8 – October 31, 2020

Carter County Museum, Ekalaka, MT

June 27 – September 30, 2020

Fire Museum of Texas, Beaumont, TX

March – September, 2021

From Battlefield Medicine to Civilian EMS

Explore how the military has influenced civilian EMS practice and learn about the innovations brought back from the front lines of conflicts from the Civil War to the current conflicts facing our military.

Aurora Regional Fire Museum, Aurora, IL

opens July 7, 2020