Nominations for Jack Stout EMS Fellowship 2023

Nominations Open for the 2023-24 Jack Stout EMS Fellowship
Emerging EMS Leaders Invited to Submit Applications from March 1–May 1, 2023
Jack Stout
Fitch EMS Foundation
PLATTE CITY, MO — The Jack Stout EMS Fellowship, endowed by FirstWatch, is accepting nominations now through May 1, 2023. Established in August 2021, the Fellowship is open to emerging EMS leaders interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills to lead EMS systems now and in the future.
The Fellowship was developed by FirstWatch in cooperation with the Fitch EMS Foundation, a non-profit organization led by Jay Fitch, PhD. Its mission is to build on Fitch & Associates’ core value of leadership development by giving back through scholarships to aspiring leaders.
Named for the late Jack Stout, considered to be the father of high-performance EMS systems, the Fellowship will allow selected individuals to understand the principles espoused by Stout:
  • How to be a people-centered leader. Someone who effectively puts patients, the people who care for them, and the people who support the process at the center of their strategy, daily decisions, and budget.
  • What and how it means to be data driven. Understanding how to request data, analyze the results, and make decisions using all kinds of system data.
  • The elements of improvement science. Using a structured process to drive improvements in everything from clinical care and employee joy to fiscal health and fleet reliability.
  • How to use systems thinking. Making better decisions moment by moment and engaging in more effective strategic planning requires a view of the big picture.
  • And much more.
Matt Parrish, a captain with the Columbus (Ohio) Division of Fire, was the initial recipient of the Fellowship.
“Matt has been a great inaugural Jack Stout Fellow,” said Mike Taigman, Improvement Guide at FirstWatch. “He started with the Jack Stout Celebration of Life at Pinnacle Marco Island last year. Currently, he’s attending the Fitch Ambulance Service Manager (ASM) course. I can’t wait to hear his Pinnacle 2023 presentation on his year-long improvement project called Right Response.”
“After nearly 30 years in the Fire and EMS service, I believed I had learned or experienced nearly everything I needed to be successful in my profession,” said Parrish. “The FirstWatch/Fitch Associates Jack Stout fellowship has opened a new door to learn from industry experts, grow my network, and impact the EMS profession in ways I never dreamed possible.”
The selected Jack Stout Fellow will attend the 2023 Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum and either the Fitch Ambulance Service Manager (ASM) program or the Communication Center Manager (CCM) program with all expenses covered by FirstWatch. Fellows will be mentored by FirstWatch senior leaders Todd Stout, Founder and President, Randy Skomsvold, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Silvia Verdugo, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Mike Taigman, Improvement Guide, among others, including Jay Fitch, PhD and other members of the Fitch leadership team.
“This is exactly what we hoped for in creating the Fellowship—the chance to expand an emerging leader’s world view, and give them the tools to make a difference in their own communities,” said Todd Stout, son of Jack Stout and founder of FirstWatch. “I can’t wait to see the nominations for the second year of the Fellowship.”
Nominations for the 2023-2024 Fellowship will be accepted through May 1, 2023. To apply, go to and select the Jack Stout EMS Fellowship, endowed by FirstWatch.
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About FirstWatch
FirstWatch helps public safety and healthcare professionals serve their communities through the use of technology and the science of quality improvement. Drawing on deep experience in emergency services, the FirstWatch team develops software and personalized solutions for over 500 communities across North America.
About the Fitch EMS Foundation
The Foundation was created by the EMS consulting firm Fitch & Associates and others who believe the future of the EMS profession requires the aggressive development of its future leaders. By providing scholarships, the Foundation opens the door to a community of high-performing emerging leaders who need a helping hand for a national perspective.
About the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum
Now in its 17th year, Pinnacle is the only leadership-focused national meeting that serves all EMS service models. Always located in a retreat-like setting, the conference is renowned for its networking, mentoring, and cutting-edge program. The 2023 Pinnacle will be at the JW Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas, July 24-28.
Mike Taigman
Improvement Guide, FirstWatch
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