Wenstrup, Sewell, Carter & Tonko Introduce Medicare Ambulance Bill

From The American Ambulance Association

House bill extends 2% urban, 3% rural, and super rural payments for 3 years

Earlier today, Representatives Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), Terri Sewell (D-AL), Buddy Carter (R-GA) and Paul Tonko (D-NY) introduced the Protecting Access to Ground Ambulance Medical Services Act of 2023. The legislation would extend the current temporary increases under the Medicare ambulance fee schedule of 2% urban, 3% rural and 22.6% super rural for another three years. The current extension expires at the end of 2024. The American Ambulance Association applauds Representatives Wenstrup, Sewell, Carter and Tonko for their support of vital 9-1-1 emergency and urgent interfacility ground ambulance service organizations and the patients and communities we serve. The AAA has been leading the effort with Representatives Wenstrup, Sewell, Carter and Tonko on the introduction of the bill. The AAA is also working with our champions in the Senate to introduce similar legislation in the coming weeks. Once we have a bill number for the House bill, we will be issuing a Call to Action for AAA members to reach out to their Representatives to cosponsor the legislation.

To learn more about the House Bill please check out: https://ambulance.org/2023/03/17/wenstrup-sewell-carter-tonko-introduce-medicare-ambulance-bill/   (currently the link is only open to AAA members)

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