Can you help us build our collection? The following items are our top priority for 2019 If you have an item you would like to donate to the museum please contact us today!  612.298.4567

First Day Pictures (your first day of class, service, retirement – any EMS firsts, send your pics!)

World War Recruitment Posters from 1913 – 1945

EMS comic books

LifePak 2

LifePak 3

LifePak 11

LifePak 12

DynaMed Chokesaver

“Old Pal Tacklebox”

Biphone Radio

Brook Airway (complete in box)

E & J Lyteport Resuscitator

Laerdal BVM’s (Green Version)

Robershaw Resuscitator (Orange box and duel tanks)

Ferno Washington Stretcher, Model 28

Steel D Oxygen Tank

Complete Uniforms (men and women of any era)

Equipment instruction manuals