The 1954 Packard makes Debut at TASA, Feb 23-25, 2022

Minneapolis, MN – The National EMS Museum’s 1954 Henney-Packard Junior Ambulance, affectionately known by the staff as ‘Pack’ is on its way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the Tennessee Ambulance Service Association Mid-Winter Conference.   This will be the first time Pack will be on display since being acquired in 2019 and being mechanically restored by NEMSM over the last two years.

The Henney-Packard partnership of the mid-20th century brought a bit of luxury to professional car design.  The original partnership focused on larger hearses, and subsequently ambulances, but quickly Henney and Packard realized that a shorter more maneuverable “Junior” professional car may be just what the market needs. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t take off like their larger counter parts and after some mismanagement, the partnership dissolved after only 500 Juniors rolled off the line.  In 1954 it is estimated that 102 were produced and a small fraction of those vehicles still exist, let alone in working order. The National EMS Museum has a diamond in the rough!

In 2022, NEMSM is moving into Phase 2 of the restoration project for the Junior Ambulance. The goal is to raise enough funds to stabilize the paint and chrome on the exterior. Do a proper detailing of the interior (including some cleaning of original equipment that was donated with the vehicle) and acquire an enclosed car trailer to move Pack across the country for EMS shows and other EMS festivities and community events.

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For questions regarding NEMSM or their project please contact Museum Director, Kristy Van Hoven at 612-298-4567 or director@emsmuseum .org

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